Day 6 Update on #youthification - 26 Aug 2018

As from today the participants are taking over the stage. We are starting with the workshops that are going to be facilitated by the participants who are working in pairs. Each pair has 40 minutes time to deliver a workshop on a topic they feel most confident in. After each workshop, the pairs are receiving constructive feedback by the group and by the trainers. This feedback helps them to improve their work in the future as facilitators. 

We captured the first impressions of each pair right after they came out from the session.
Here you can hear their comments and learning points:

Gorety & Daniela

Reza & Marija

Kosta & Stephanie

Caterina & Kosta

Jovana & Davide

Barbare & Manos

Goran & Vanessa

Pablo & Katarina

Video Summary of Day 6:


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