Welcome to the world of YOUTHIFICATION

Subkult organized the training course YOUTHIFICATION in 2016 for the first time and last year in 2017 for the second edition, 32 youth workers gathered on the Swiss Alps to explore the topic of youth centers.

The project in 2017 was focusing on experienced youth workers from 11 countries from Europe who are working in different kind of youth centers, youth clubs or youth structures. We are now happy to be able to organise the third edition of the project this year.

The training course will take place from 20th until 29th of August 2018 in Leysin, Switzerland. The focus of this year’s training course will be a bit different, also the target group. We are targeting FACILITATORS and YOUTH WORKERS who are leading GROUPS of young people within their youth organisations. From one hand, we would like to develop competences of the youth workers in managing different behaviours in a group, dealing with challenges related to different roles in a group, group dynamics, facilitating group discus…