Day 2 Update on #youthification - 22 Aug 2018

It is morning again in Leysin. We all got together in the working room anticipating what comes next. From today on, we will always start the day with the reflection diary, individually assessing and reflecting on the day before, what did we learn, what is still open as question and topic, how do we achieve our goal that we have set for each one of us. After 15 minutes of reflection time, we were already ready for the first session of the day which was emphasizing the importance of the group work. We explored what is the meaning of group work and first of all defining what a group really is. Coming back to the Kolb Cycle and non-formal learning concept, the group was divided into small groups and worked on creating posters with the moto: “in youth work being in a group means…” After a session of sharing and discussing, each group had the chance to present in plenary their outcomes.

After the comfort break we started exploring the context of the group. By using the “C’ Wheel model” by Carol Read we put the several terms into context of a group work of young people: Context, Connections, Coherence, Challenge, Curiosity, Care, Community and  Creativity. Putting each term next to “youth work” gave us completely different perspective of interpreting group work and how groups actually work. After the lunch break we continue into the same direction of understanding better how groups work by exploring different situation that youth workers face in their everyday work. Many participants gave wonderful inputs from their own experience as youth workers from their previous work. 

Somewhere at the late afternoon we were presented with the Competences Framework for youth workers that we are going to work with, in the next days as well. Each day we will have different method to explore the Knowledge, Skills, Behaviours and Attitudes of a youth worker. Today we started with the method “Mind Map” which helped us to depict our competences in a structured way and reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses that we should work on further. At the end of the day, we went back to our personal learning board where we integrated all the learning points that we got from today. It was an intensive day which brought us lots of questions as well. We continue searching for answers!

It is inevitable to be in Switzerland and not try something traditional like:
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