Day 3 Update on #youthification - 23 Aug 2018

As usual today we started again in our quiet space reflecting about the learning points from yesterday. Setting the stage for today’s challenge. Following our discussion from before, today we dive deeper into the elements of group dynamics. How does the group develop, grow and dissolve? What kind of processes are happening during this development and how to identify the needs of the young people from the group? To give adequate answers on these and many more questions, we had few theories on the menu today to digest. By connecting the theories with the experience of the group members, we managed to bring better understanding and raise awareness about the role of the facilitator in the group and the responsibilities that come along.

Later we put the focus on the needs of the young people in the group. We had exercise to identify categories of needs of the young people like: personal needs, learning needs in terms of content and methodology atc. Afterwards in pairs we tried to find creative ways to learn about these needs of the young people in the group and we shared some inputs from our own needs in front of the group in order to understand how to change and adapt to the needs. After the lunch break, we explored the communication topic within a group, verbal and non-verbal. Even though many of us think that we already know a lot about this topic, still we wanted to put the topic into the context of youth work and especially in facilitating groups of young people.

At the end, for the Competence Framework exercise, today we had the method: “Washing List”. For this we made some notes on paper that later were pinned to 4 different strings that represent the 4 elements: knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes. This was individual task for each of us, in order to sum up the day and then to go back to the other working room where our learning boards are hanged. We finalized the day by inserting the learning points of today and reassuring that we go in the right direction of achieving our goal that we set at the start of the training course.


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