Logistics & Expenses

The training course will take place in a small village called Leysin on the Swiss Alps.
The participants will be accommodated in a 3-star hotel with full-board and perfect working conditions.

This project is financially supported by the Swiss National Agency MOVETIA Exchange & Mobility and the Swiss Government. Thus, there are certain rules that have to be taken into consideration before applying for this training course.
  • Accommodation and food, during the whole stay of the training course, will be covered by Subkult;
  • Travel expenses for each participant (except Swiss participants) will be reimbursed up to maximum of 300 Euros, after handing over all the receipts, invoices, boarding passes and tickets;
  • Travel expenses for Swiss participants will be reimbursed up to maximum of CHF 50, after handing over all the receipts, invoices and tickets;
  • Participants have to pre-finance their travel tickets on their own and collect all the travel documents which will be proof later during the reimbursement. The sending organisations could also arrange the travel of their participants and be later reimbursed by Subkult;
  • The reimbursement of travel expenses will be made via bank transfer after the training course,  when Subkult receives all the necessary travel documents, also for the return trip;
  • Each participant has to pay a participation fee of 50 Euros. This amount will be deducted from the reimbursement of the travel expenses after the training course. The sending organisation could also pay the participation fee for the participants;
  • Visa expenses will be also covered in total by Subkult, after providing all the receipts and invoices.
Once the participant is informed that has been selected, s/he will have 48 hours time to confirm her/his participation by email. After the confirmation, the participant and the partner organisation will have to book the flights to Switzerland within certain deadline and send to Subkult the booking confirmation and invoices. More information regarding this topic, the selected participants will get after they have confirmed their participation. Please be aware about this conditions before sending your application form.


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